FAQ: Basics

Welcome to the home-page for the Heroes of the Golden Dawn LARP!

What is larp? (link opens in new tab)

What is HGD about?

HGD is a fantasy larp focused on combat and roleplaying. It is set in a period similar to our European Dark Ages, though with a smidgen of High Medieval and Renaissance culture.

How does combat work?

Combat uses a point-based limb-loss system.

So can I cast a spell a pretend to fly?

No. Heroes of the Golden Dawn is primarily a DKWDDK system (that is, Du Kannst Was Du Darstellen Kannst); a German acronym meaning ‘You Can Do What You Can Represent’. While we make exceptions for casting magic, we try to maintain immersion by staying away from things like flying and invisibility.

Similarly, we have no skill system; anything you can do, your character can do, and anything you can’t, your character can’t. If a lock needs picked, someone must be able to pick the lock. If a trap needs removed, the player must remove it without springing it.

So when does this happen?

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